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"I am so grateful for everything I have learned in your classes - not just about hypnosis but about me! It's been an amazing experience and it's one of the best things I have ever done for myself".
- Susan, Salt Lake City, UT

"It inspired me to fulfill my potential and heal myself".
- Maxine, Salt Lake City, UT

"The training helped make hypnotherapy practical and uesable".
- Wendell, St. George, UT

"I love working in this field!  It has become rewarding personally, spiritually and financially! Thank you for preparing me to run my own clinic."                                                                                         - Steven Howell, San Francisco, CA

 "Thank you Diane, the training helped me understand all kinds of things that were going on inside of me and how to better deal with my life."
- LeeAnn, Wyoming

"It is a great course. It changed my life in a very positive way. Diane is super."
- Susan, Salt Lake City, UT

"It was a positive life changing experience. The possibilities are endless."
- Teri, Salt Lake City, UT

"I've taken many courses in many countries from many teachers, but the Utah School of Hypnosis has given me the tools to deal with my day to day ability to live in a present awareness".
- Doug, Salt Lake City, UT

"Understanding Hypnosis and all the information presented has created a major shift for me. Diane has a gift as a teacher. She creates a safe and fun environment for students."
- Gloria, Murray, UT

"I felt great rapport, I enjoyed your individual modality of teaching. You're great, the course is great. Inspiring!"
- Roger, Layton, UT

"A truly magical, inspiring and motivating experience. Diane is a wonderful, creative and knowledgeable teacher. I walked out of the beginning training eager to pursue and practice hypnosis. I felt as if a new inner self had emerged."
- Sara, Vancover, Canada

"It has positively affected my life in every aspect."
- Denise, Salt Lake City, UT

"Thanks Diane. It was everything and more than my expectations."
- Craig, Logan, UT

"If you are looking for an extraordinary experience, choose Diane Bradshaw's Utah School of Hypnosis. Diane is the best teacher of Hypnosis in SLC."
- Russ, St. George, UT

"I can see myself becoming even more powerful and competent as a trainer by using the knowledge and skills learned in the basic #101 training."
- Lee, Salt Lake City, UT

"I have changed many negative habits and most of all I am not depressed anymore." -
Julie, Salt Lake City, UT