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Denise Lynch is director and proprietor of the Utah School of Hypnosis. She has a 23 year background as a motivational coach, teacher and trainer. She is the author of the best selling audio book and system, Living An Empowered Life and has developed the Power Dream process through her companies Clear Mind Inc.®, Clear Mind Publishing® and Clear Sounds Music®.                                       Denise trains and speaks nationwide and is a certified hypnotherapist with the National Guild of Hypnotists. She has also specialized in Positive Psychology, Psycho-neuroimmunology, NLP, EFT, remote viewing, meditation and rhythm for trance. Denise instructs in beginning through advanced hypnosis and is a consultant to practicing graduates. Her emphasis is on inner child work, spiritual regression, dream interpretation, Dynamic Mind Processing, quantum hypnosis techniques and Power Dreaming. With her additional background in commercial voiceovers and production, students learn to use their voices and pace their dialogue for optimum results. They receive the skills and confidence to produce their own quality recordings for clients or mass marketing.

Diane Bradshaw is co-director of the Utah School of Hypnosis in Salt Lake City. where she maintained a highly successful hypnosis practice and training center. Diane has extensive experience in all aspects of hypnosis from behavioral change to core issue and dramatic inner child work. As a therapist, she represents a total commitment to her clients. As a trainer, she is devoted to producing exceptional therapists who create positive changes in their clients. Diane is a pioneering innovator in hypnosis with her unique approach to inner child work. She brings simplicity into all her work. Her open and warm style creates a safe environment where students can learn and explore. Diane has taught nationally in the field of health and well being since 1985. She is certified as a Hypnotherapist with the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) and has been trained and approved as an official instructor for them. She is also certified as a clinical hypnotherapist, and is the former President of the NGH, Salt Lake City Chapter.

John Daughters, MS., graduated from the University of Utah has a Master's Degree from the University of Southern California, has two years towards a Ph.D. in psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute and has taught psychology at Chaminade University in Honolulu. John has been a practicing hypnotist for 25 years and has written two books on hypnosis: Hypnotic Interventions: Smoking, and Hypnotic Interventions: Weight Loss. He works with professional and amateur athletes on sports performance and does entertaining stage shows. He has training in Transactional Analysis; Personality Theory; Jungian Psychology; Dream Interpretation and Human Sexuality. John's thorough understanding of hypnosis and many related topics plus his enthusiasm for teaching have made him popular among our students.

CHRISTIANE TURNER - NLP & Eriksonian Hypnosis 
Christiane Turner is a certified NLP Trainer and Hypnotherapist specializing in Eriksonian techniques. She has a successful training and coaching business for personal and organizational growth. Her mission is to have a lasting, positive effect on all people she comes in contact with and to help them realize their personal potential for success and happiness.

NLP is the study of Human Excellence and offers tools for creating change with countless applications in personal and professional contexts. NLP suggests that we create our own reality by the way we structure our language.

ALESIA BLACK is a Certified Hypnotherapist and Registered Nurse specializing in
psychiatry and hospice care. Her background also includes 14 years of
experience facilitating individual and group transformational processes, using Connected Breath, Voice Dialogue, Hypnotherapy and Inner Child work.
Alesia creates an environment of safety that allows for the rekindling of passion and the awakening of the true self. In August of 2005 she will complete a master's degree in mental health nursing leading to Nurse Practitioner licensure. She will then be a therapist and prescriber.

BARBARA NOVAK joins us to help you assess what you want to do with your hypnosis training and assist you in getting your career off the ground.  She'll help you get all the pieces in place to make the smooth transition and identify the practical steps involved.     Barbara is a Certified Professional Life Coach, a licensed Massage Therapist and a licensed Religious Science Prayer Practitioner.  She partners with clients in creating personal mastery providing new levels of fulfillment, presence and healthy living. 

As a Certified Professional Coach, Barbara assists clients in deepening their self- awareness and making choices that forward their actions towards personally defined success.  Her bodywork specialties include Shiatsu-acupressure and body-mind integrative work.  As a Prayer Practitioner, she provides spiritual counseling prayer sessions.  Barbara is a teacher at heart and shares her knowledge regarding Oriental bodywork, business practices, and creating a life by design, through teaching classes along with facilitating workshops and coaching groups.

She received her massage Therapy schooling at Awakening Spirit Massage School in 1995, her Professional Coaching Certification from the Academy for Coach Training in April 2000, and most recently her Prayer Practitioner license with the United Church of Religious Science in July 2004. 

Dr. TODD CAMERON - NATUROPATH (expert in the science behind stress, creating a compelling argument for change)

In addition to the full time staff, the Utah School of Hypnosis utilizes the most prominent experts of their fields to instruct in particular specialties such as:

  • Hypnobirthing
  • Pain Control
  • Neuro Linquistic Programming
  • Voice Dialogue
  • E.F.T.
  • Ericksonian Hypnosis
  • Practice Building