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The Largest Hypnotherapist Certifying Agency                                                                                                 The National Guild of Hypnotists is the nation's largest and oldest Hypnotherapist Certifying Agency.  Certification is Key to becoming a successful and reputable Hypnotherapist, or for implementing Hypnotherapy into other practices.

The Utah School of Hypnosis is a N.G.H. Certified School as well as a registered Secondary Proprietary School of Utah.  The Certification Course comprehensively prepares students for the NGH Hypnotherapist Certification Exam.  The exam is administered through the school upon completion of class hours.

  • 100 Hours of Training by a N.G.H. Certified School
  • Successful completion of certification exam
  • 20 Hypnosis Sessions with follow-up analysis

  LEVEL I    (101) Basic Hypnosis - Hypnotist

Level I is intended to give the hypnotherapist the basic skills of inducing, deepening and maintaining trance. You will learn:

  • Multiple styles of induction.
  • Assessment of most effective induction for your client.
  • How to utilize the linguistics that will most effect your client.
  • To recognize and read and respond to your client's nov-verbals.
  • Calibration techniques that allow you to read your client.
  • Calibration techniques that all you to assess depth of trance.
  • Several hypnotic language patterns that are trance inducing.
  • The scientific structure of thought and the functions of the mind.
  • How to recognize and transform automatic behavior generators.
  • History of hypnosis as well as the techniques of ancient hypnosis.
  • The types and uses of suggestions.
  • The laws of suggestibility.
  • Preliminary regression techniques.


LEVEL II     (201) Advanced Hypnosis - Hypnotherapist     This course takes the basic skills and principles of trance induction and operation learned in 101, into a professional client setting. The essential 'conscious' portion of hypnotherapy- the pre-talk and client assessment, are thoroughly explored and practiced, to allow the Hypnotherapist to assist the client in clarifying what they want.  Techniques taught are designed to create a profound shift and transformation within clients. You will learn:

  • How to design personalized 'hypnotic strategies' for each client.
  • Transform self-sabotage into subconscious support.
  • Emergency hypnosis to stop pain, bleeding and accelerate healing.
  • Hypnosis with children.
  • Intermediate regression techniques.
  • Rapid & instant inductions.
  • Using metaphors to create change.
  • Ericksonian Hypnosis.
  • Introduction to NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques.
  • Building your practice
  • Laws and Ethics

Professional quality programs are learned in the following:

  • Hypnosis for Chronic Pain
  • Effective Weight Loss.
  • Creativity and Memory.
  • Athletic Enhancement.
  • Training clients in Self Hypnosis
  • Extreme Stress Release and stress management
  • Ego Strengthening & Self Confidence
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Forensic Hypnosis

*These two courses complete the requirements for certification.  The Certification Exam is conducted one week after the last class of 201. 

  • Elman Induction - Fluid Memorization
  • Practical Knowledge of the 8 rules of the Mind
  • Skilled Suggestibility Testing
  • Practiced Depth Testing
  • Client Assesment Skills
  • Basic Regression Skills
  • Practical Knowledge of the Types of Suggestion
  • Ability to Create Rapport

LEVEL III (301) Hypnotherapy - Master Hypnotherapist

In Level III you will learn to identify limiting and negative core beliefs held in the subconsious mind. You will learn advanced methods designed to dissolve the thoughts that hold limiting beliefs in place and then empower your clients to change thier lives. There is a belief behind every behavior. In order to permanently change an attitude, behavior and outcome, you must help your client change the beliefs that they have about themselves in relationship to those behaviors. This course extends to you, a deeper understanding of psychological traits and characteristics of personalities that you will enounter. You will graduate this level with the tools, understanding and discernment neccessary for an advanced hypnotherapist. You will learn:

Advanced Regression Methods.

Inner Child Work involves regression techniques and meticulus guidance so that an individual can rescue the inner child from damaging, and abusive situations. Dramatic emotional healings often occur during this process.

'The Work' is an extremely powerful technique of inquiry which can be used in and out of trance. This design of effective questioning identifies and releases unnecessary and unproductive beliefs.

Parts therapy and Voice Dialogue - accesses and harmonizes conflicting desires and personality traits within clients, plus the following:

  • Gestalt Therapy
  • Transactional Analysis
  • Overcoming and transforming grief
  • Accessing Forgiveness
    Laughter Therapy

301 (Level III) utilizes live demonstration of processes with outside volunteers and clients.

101 Hypnosis Training $1,475.

201 Hypnosis Training $1,475.

Certification, NGH Membership, NGH Textbooks & USH Manual $250.

301 Advanced Hypnotherapy   $1,400.  

$300 is required at time of registration and remaing course fees are due one week prior to start date.

See the Calendar of Upcoming Events�for the next available class, or call 801.484.7546 for more information.

 Materials included with Certification Course, are provided by the NGH as well as the Utah School of Hypnotherapy, and are extensive and varied.  Materials include:

  • NGH Course book 101
  • NGH Course book 201
  • USH Course material 101
  • USH Course material 201
  • USH Course material 301
  •  NGH & USH Script Compendium - Inductions, deepening techniques, direct and indirect suggestions scripts, depth testing & trance terminations. 
  • Hypnotist's Pendulum
  • Audio Cassette: Motivation for the hypnotherapist.
  • Audio Cassette: Building your practice.
  • Video Cassettes:(3) Assessments, Practice building parts 1 & 2.
  • 3 year Subscription: Journal of Hypnotism
  • Mega Marketing by Don Mottin - A guide to marketing
  • USH Certificate of Completion.